Baccarat rules for casino

Baccarat is considered to be one of the easiest card games in the world, which only contributes to its growing popularity. Unlike poker and blackjack, which require the player to make precise decisions to increase the probability of winning, baccarat does not require any special skills from the gambler. In this game, luck depends more on chance, and winning strategies are related to bankroll management. Nevertheless, in order to enjoy the game, the gambler should understand in detail how to play baccarat correctly.

Baccarat History

The first mention of the game dates back to the XV century, and its appearance is associated with the name of Felix Falguere. Recognition among European nobility baccarat got thanks to the spread in France. Finally, the basic rules were formed in the XIX century. The modern version called Punto Banco appeared in land-based casinos in the 1940s.

Rules of the game

Participants play against the establishment, which is represented by the dealer, or banker. In online casinos in the “Table Games” category, a software algorithm acts as a croupier – the value of the cards is determined by a random number generator. In gaining popularity format Live Casino deal real dealers – users can see their actions in real time. Used a table with a special markup and one or more card decks of 52 sheets.

Types of bets

To participate in the deal, you must decide on the size of the bet and put chips on one of the available outcomes. In the classic variety, there are only three:

  • Player win (Player).
  • The winning dealer (Banker).
  • A draw (Tie).

Some modifications provide additional types of bets (side, side or special), which are made after selecting the main outcome:

  • Banker or Player Pair – two cards of the same value in a hand.
  • A perfect pair is two cards that match not only in value, but also in suit.
  • A large hand that scores 5 or 6.
  • A small hand, scoring 4 points.

Dealing Cards and Natural Combinations

After taking bets, the dealer deals two cards to himself and the player, and then the points are calculated separately for the dealer and the gambler. If the sum of points is equal to or greater than 10, ten points are subtracted from the result. The task of the participant to score as close to nine points as possible.

Example: The gambler received a two and a nine. The amount is determined by denomination and is 2+9=11. Since 11 is greater than 10, 10 points are subtracted from the result. The final value of the gambler’s combination is 1 point.

The combination of eight and nine is called a natural combination. If the player receives a natural combination, the hand is completed and a comparison of hands is made.

Buying a third card

If the gambler gets up to 5 points, he gets a third card. The dealer makes the redemption when one of the conditions specified in the table is fulfilled. According to the rules of baccarat in the casino can not refuse to buy if the conditions are met. In home games the redemption can be voluntary.

Determining the winner and payout

After the buyout, the outcome is determined. The one who collects more points wins, and a tie is declared if the number is equal. If the user wins the bet, the bet is paid. If the gambler didn’t guess the result of the party, the chips put in goes to the casino’s income.

Payouts for the main outcomes are calculated taking into account the odds and the player’s bet:

  • Winning the gambler – x1.
  • Winning dealer – x1 minus 5% commission.
  • A draw – x9 (at some tables x8).

Multipliers for side bets:

  • Banker’s Pair, Player’s Pair – x11.
  • Perfect Pair – x25.
  • Large Hand – x0.54.
  • Small Hand – x1.5.

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