How to Play Oasis Poker as a PRO

Oasis Poker PRO

There are a number of varieties of Oasis poker, the most common of which are five and six card Oasis. You can easily learn the varieties of poker from scratch. In general, among the different types of poker, the rules of Oasis look very simple.

Oasis Poker Combinations

In addition to the standard poker combinations, Oasis has an Ace-King combination, which includes an ace and a king of all suits. Combinations are made up of five cards.

Oasis Poker Rules

When a player sits down at the Oasis table, he must first place a blind bet, usually called an ante. The dealer then deals five cards to himself and the player, leaving one of his cards exposed.

After looking at his starters, the player chooses from three options:

  • Send the cards to pass. The distribution in this case ends, and all bets made by the player goes to the casino.
  • Make a call. Then the player must make a bet equal to two ante, called a call, after which the cards are opened and compared.
  • Deal a card or buy another card, depending on the type of game. This is the difference between five-card and six-card Oasis. When playing a five-card game, the player can exchange multiple cards. The cost of exchanging one card is equal to the ante. That is, to exchange two cards will already cost two ante in poker. These bets are non-refundable. In six-card poker, however, you can take an additional card for one ante.

Choosing point three, the player must again choose between the first and second point.

Determining the Winner in Oasis Poker

In the case of a call, the dealer’s cards and the player’s cards are flipped. If the dealer has no combination, the player’s cards are not even looked at. He just gets a call bet and a doubled ante.

When the dealer has a hand, his cards are compared to the player’s hand. If the dealer wins, he takes all bets made by the player, but if the player wins, the casino pays him a double ante plus a call bet, multiplied several times. These multiple times depend on the combination that the player has collected. Different casinos pay differently, but most often one call bet is paid for ace-king and pair, and three, four, five and seven, respectively, for ace-king and pair in poker, poker straight, flush, full house. Collecting a carat pays 20 bets, a straight flush pays 50, and a flush royal pays 100.

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