Game to increase the payout in slots

The so-called risk game is present in many video slots of all kinds. It is also called a game of equal odds or round of doubling, although sometimes you can not only double the payout, and the probability of winning is not always 50:50.

What is the doubling game in the slots?

In English versions of slot machines it is usually called Gamble or Double Up, but also found other options. It is used not only in the slots. For example, it is widespread in video poker. But this article deals only with machines.

Let us give a general definition of the term: A risk game is a round triggered at the request of the customer, in which you can try to increase the amount of payout received during a spin or in some other way. In other words, the user can activate this feature if he was credited any amount. In the course of the drawing he can increase it or lose money. About the rules of this round, its key versions, unusual variations, additional features and pitfalls are discussed below.

Equal odds game variations

There are several basic variations of the risk game. In addition, some software developers offer unusual types, sometimes surprising with an unconventional approach and creative thinking.

First, let’s discuss the basic types:

  • Card color – A very common option that most video slot manufacturers use. You have to guess what color the next card in the deck will be. The correct answer doubles the payout. The wrong choice deprives the player of the money at stake.
  • Card suit – This option usually accompanies the “color of the card” option. The client can try to determine the suit of a closed card. If he succeeds, the payout quadruples.
  • Beat the croupier – This version is typical of video poker, but also used in many slots. The customer chooses one of the cards at random. If it beats the virtual dealer’s card, the winnings are doubled. It is also possible to lose money or draw the round. Interestingly, some providers allow you to opt out of the draw after the user sees the dealer’s card. This allows you to play only in the most profitable situations.
  • Orlyanka – This type is also called “heads or tails”. The point is to beat a conditional opponent, guessing which side of the coin will fall. Betsoft and some other developers offer a very colorful solution to the round. The customer is usually opposed to the main character of the slot, which appears on an additional screen.
  • Stairs – This variety is very simple. The player climbs the stairs. At each step he can either increase the payout or decrease it. If he gets to the very bottom, he loses his bet. If he gets to the top, he will get the maximum winnings. Sometimes checkpoints are available, meaning a guaranteed win of a certain amount.

Some brands’ slots offer two types of rounds to choose from. For example, in Bally Wulff machines it is “guess the color” and “movement on steps”.

Now talk about the unique varieties of doubling games.

  • Thematic draws – This is usually a stylized variation of the classic rounds to double. For example, the aforementioned developers from Betsoft give the opportunity to fight in a shamble with the characters of slot machines.
  • Author varieties – Some manufacturers are looking for non-standard approaches. A striking example is the model series Untamed company Microgaming, dedicated to wildlife. They feature a unique risk game. Customer should specify the sector on a special scoreboard, determining the chances of winning and the amount of the potential payout.

All reviews on slots look at the peculiarities of the game on equal chances in this model. If it is carried out by the classical rules, it is devoted to a paragraph. If it is an unusual version, the round is described in more detail.

The amount at stake in the risk game

Most often, the user can risk in the doubling game all the money he received during the previous spin. This is the most common, but not the only approach.

Many providers give the opportunity to put on the stake half of the amount. In rare cases, it is allowed to set the bet in the risk game. In other words, it can be arbitrary.

Maximum restrictions

In almost all slots can be played in a round of doubling several times in a row, but usually there are different types of restrictions.

  • Attempt limits – Many developers allow you to play no more than a certain number of times in one session, but some providers refuse this practice.
  • Payout limits – The maximum amount that can be won during a round is stipulated in the rules of the vast majority of machines. It is usually tied to the bet.

Carefully read the terms of the risk game to avoid misunderstandings.

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